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How to mind-read your room.

“Room Reader is a collection of true short stories detailing the practical application of Room Reading techniques. It shows very clearly that Hannah Jackson is a unique mind-reading talent.

There are also plenty of ‘takeaways’ for the practical reader to apply immediately to their own environment. It’s actually a compelling read that details how Hannah Jackson’s own biography helped to evolve the practice and techniques she helps her clients to apply.”

Fear Gone Publishing.

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“Roomies” songs complement and conclude half the 36 “Room Reader” chapters.  The 18 original pop songs are performed by several of the UK’s (and one of Mauritius’) best unsigned singers.  And, of course, Hannah’s there, too, on Amazon and iTunes.

Six out of sixty Room Reader book reviews:
Marianne Gray – Author, teacher, former President of the British Critics’ Circle, and Chairman of the London Film Awards:
“I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anybody who’s not 100 per cent content with the way they are living in their home.”
George Dimitrov – Member of the Standard Committee of British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP), Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS), American Psychological Association (APA), speaker, author:
“Room Reader has inspired me to have my therapeutic sessions inside a client’s property whenever I can. I am learning that there is no point guiding someone in one direction if, for example, a picture or ornament they look at is constantly and silently guiding them in another. Understanding this, allows me to try to help clients by suggesting psychological and environmental changes so one can support the other. And Hannah Jackson’s enjoyable, jargon-free and, crucially, evidence-based dramatisations of the stories of Hannah’s own clients only serve to confirm my own very positive experiences with Room Reading.”
Angie Quidim – Executive Producer at TME Productions:
“Hannah’s book really proves the old expression that you are a product of your environment. Much of the content are examples from clients written into delightful, easy to read stories that will change your perspective about the world around you. I can’t wait to get my personal analysis from Hannah to learn more about myself.”
Lanja Ali – former depressed lawyer now Kurdish singing sensation:
“I was not experiencing the daily happiness of life. I didn’t know how much the whole decoration, the furniture, the objects in the house was affecting me. So busy, you don’t realise how much is going on around you…And then I thought: she might be right, she might be right.”
Zhena Muzyka – Publisher, Enliven Books (Simon & Schuster US):
“Room Reader is a book whose time has come.”
Alan Swindell – Headmaster, Steiner Academy Exeter:
“Hannah `Room Reader` Jackson’s insights into what our spaces say about us translate to schools as well as the home. I experienced Hannah working with a large group of Year 9 (14-year-olds) as they transformed their own space in response to her input. The ideas were their own, but the all-important `nudge` came from Hannah.  The fascinating and often touching stories in Hannah’s book found an echo in the youngsters I teach. Their response was immediate, active, and transformational. Hannah invited us all to reflect on and experience what some might see as blindingly obvious. That we were duly blinded by it, suggests that she was helping us to see what was already, tantalizingly, right under our noses.”
Claire Randall – Actress and businesswoman:
“It’s a wonderful book full of stories and sound advice and suggestions and just a wonderful way of finding out how everything around you affects your thinking and your life, your well-being and happiness.”

18 of Room Reader’s 36 chapters end with an easy-listening, highly-rated, original song performed (on the Hannah’s Roomies album) by Hannah herself with several of England’s – and one of Mauritius’ – best unsigned artists. The tunes might be easy-listening but the lyrics, like Hannah’s poems and books, cover a range of subjects such as religious hypocrisy (Amazing Greats), life-purpose and death (When Evening Falls), domestic abuse (Sorry For Your Loss), cruel communication (Hostile Target), emptiness (Show-Horse), and, of course, that awful, wonderful subject, love.  On  iTunes  and  Amazon.