Celtic Cross tells us our past, present and future but when you invite spirits in, they can takeover the reading and choose the cards to show that they are with you.  Mediumship with me provides symbols and direct messages.  Although I rarely get names, my expression often changes and I may say things the spirits did.


To have a 1 to 1 tarot or other reading, come into
“Psychic Room” 16 Exeter Road, Exmouth, EX8 1PL. UK.
At Psychic Room you can also book Psychic Party Readings for up to six people. Bring a bottle of wine or have vintage tea and nibbles. You’ll support each other whilst having a “love tarot reading” and learning more about these extraordinary cards.


Suitable for children & adults, fairy, angel, animal pendulum or crystal ball. From 5 to 100 attendees. Caravan is just 10 x 5 feet. Add projector screens and cameras for live screenings of the revelations inside. Pricing is subject to distance & hire-time. Please email.